Mar 6, 2008

Books: Richard Herley

Here's another author who is now offering his books (or ebooks) direct to users. A relatively well-known author who's book The Stone Arrow won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize. His book The Penal Colony was made into a movie No Escape starring Ray Liotta.

He likens his delivery mode to software shareware - "A model based on trust" :

You are free to download and read each of the books posted on this site. If you enjoy or gain value from it, I ask you to pay me a one-off fee. Just as with computer shareware, the same condition is imposed on recipients of any copies you make.

The fee is related to the length of work as well as to my collection costs, and is comparable to a single royalty from a mid-priced edition. It is much less than the price of a paperback or a commercial ebook of similar quality and length.

In this way you will encourage me to go on producing work you like. I hope that you will also feel a personal interest in the book concerned and a connection with its author.

The books are available on his website .

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