May 24, 2020

How to: Add comments to Google Photos

Google photos is one of the best organizing, sharing and collaborating apps for your photo library.

Seeing old photographs can trigger recall of lost memories, details around the events captured in he photograph. Best thing to do is to note these associated memories down immediately before they get lost again in the hurried mindscape of everyday living. The easy method of doing this noted below:

While on computer

1. Go to the particular photo on the Google Photos site. You'll probably already be looking at it.
2. Move the mouse down to the 'comments' icon as show in above pictures, and click on it
3. Write your comment down in the text box and click the send or Arrow button.

On a Mobile or Tablet

1. Go to the particular photo on the Google Photos App.
2. You'll probably already be looking at it
3. Find the 'comment' icon, and click on it (see pictures above)

4. Write your comment and click 'Send' button, same as you would for a 'text' or 'SMS' message

* * *


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