Nov 28, 2008

Super Obama World

Most would have got over the election fever and be nursing the hangover. The media still hasn't - with president-elect Obama on every magazine cover. But this article from BBC pointed to something truly fun and even interactive:

A new online video game has been developed in honour of US President-elect, Barack Obama. Super Obama World has Obama running round a world modelled on Nintendo's Super Mario World. The game takes a satirical look at US politics, with Obama collecting flags and dodging lipstick-wearing pit bulls, lobbyists and Sarah Palin. The game is free to play online, and the developers plan to add further episodes throughout Obama's presidency.

Some screenshots:

To play the game go to Super Obama World

Nov 10, 2008

Political Tectonics

Political leadership changes are rippling over the world. A global pessimism fueled by "worst recession since the 1930s" is helping to create an anti-incumbency wave.

Australia replaced its 10-year old prime minister, John Howard, with a youthful version.

US elected its first "African-American" American president, creating history after a long line of "European-American" presidents. The chronically demoralized black community will take some time to absorb the shock of happiness and inspiration. US has a blank canvas to redraw its global image.

4 days after US, there were elections here in NZ. And true enough the current government with a 3-term, 9-year serving prime minister, Labour's Helen Clark lost. The new prime minister is National's John Key. National includes NZ's first Sikh member of parliament, Kanwaljit Bakshi.

If has been interesting that in these elections the contestants seemed to be arguing on the same side of popular issues. With more similarities than differences it has been called "a fight for the centre". Perhaps a by-product of the demise of socialism-communism.

The pre-election cartoon (below) of the current PM and the new PM sums up the campaigns