Sep 25, 2007

Indian Cricket Vision Twenty20

Cricket has been revived in India once again. A new team of young members without the usual hyped players participating, has gone on to lift the ICC Cricket Twenty20 world cup. A team not highly placed has outperformed all expectations. The runners up Pakistan also did better than anybody gave them credit.

The 20 overs cricket format is not taken seriously by most dedicated afficionados of the game. It's percieved to be a gimmick for TV viewers with little time to follow a full day or 5-day match. Designed to be fairly quick, it favors the batsman to make big hits on a smaller ground. However, the well-organised tournament got some serious commentators very involved in the proceedings.

Prevously, India had been bundled out of the last One-Day-International World Cup in the very first round. The following disenchantment with the game and the Indian Cricket Board was unprecedented. Some have taken the opportunity to create a rival cricket league, whose future remains to be seen. This victory will strengthen the hand of the existing cricket board.

One of most interesting aspects has been the emergence of Mahender Singh Dhoni as a very impressive captain. Displaying a well-balanced outlook of the game, he has been able to fend off media and public pressure on the team. There's an intriguing post-tournament interview at the official tournament site.

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monty said...

Well kudos to them excellent win, but twenty20 is not there to replace or add any form of cricket it is there in place of like hong kong 6's except its every where now. Its not a bad game, but i dont like it, sure its a real booze seller, but its just not cricket.