Aug 10, 2007

Unrehearsed Nature - Battle at Kruger

Have cameras everywhere, one is bound to capture something absolutely fantastic. As in this case - a tourist on a safari captures a priceless moment, now called the Battle at Kruger. The video has already been seen 9.38 million times as I write this.

It shows lions capture a water buffalo calf, then crocodiles go after the lion's catch. A tug-of-war ensues. Meanwhile the buffalos regroup and come back to the rescue! Surely not the regular Animal Planet stuff, there's no human daring to interfere in this drama.

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Bal Anand said...

Indian newspapers & TV channels have also covered this unique drama of Food & Life. Many more amazing things continue happening all the time in Nature than the humans can ever conjure up in their imagination & in the wildest of their dreams!