Mar 18, 2007

Cricket Fever - the 2007 World Cup is here!

Cricket World Cup 2007

The World Cup is on, and it's time for all fans to re-juggle their routines to see all the matches. Alas, here in New Zealand, the live telecast is past midnight hours, so we have to stick to the daytime highlights.

Cricket World Cup Mascot - MelloThe current world champs, Australia, took quite a beating in their tour to New Zealand, just before the start of the World Cup. This leads to many saying that, despite a few teams with strong records, this world cups "is wide open". I doubted this at first and I also had my reservations about the inclusion of teams with only semi-professional outfits such as Ireland, Bermuda, Netherlands and Canada.

But the past few days have fully justified the above. Pakistan, the fourth ranked team, has already been knocked out of the World Cup by Ireland and India, perhaps the favourites, are in trouble after losing to Bangladesh. And the tournament hasn't even reached the knock-out stage yet, the teams are still slugging it out withing their groups. Ireland has qualified for the next level and perhaps Bangladesh too. Perhaps the writing has been on the wall, when in the recent ICC Champions Trophy, none of the Asian teams made it to the semi-finals.

The web is covering the World Cup from various sites, official, press and now user-contributed. Google started it off by modifying their official logo acknowledging the first day of the World Cup.

Google World Cup Logo

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