Oct 6, 2009

Indian Mona Lisa

I saw this magazine cover and was impressed by the artists rendering of an 'Indian' Mona Lisa.

Note the Indian-style jewellery on the neck, wrists, hands, ears, nose and upper forehead. The garments display the rich design work favoured by Indian women. The make up is restrained to original Leonardo da Vinci, but with the touch of bindi, in the centre of the forehead. In the two insets in the main portrait is, first the original work, and below another alternate rendering of an Indian Mona Lisa - in perhaps Mughal-style garb and the whole painting being in Indian classical style.


Prasanna said...

It confirms what we thought all along... Leonardo Da Vinci was indian - or should that leonardo Davin Singh and not the Mona Lisa but Monali Jah!

cjsheera said...

What we achieve ???? It is the question of equalizing ourself but why not beyond ? Pitty for poor following

Prabhu said...

well if Jesus spent his last days in india then why not his followers Mr. leonardo Davin Singh not be a Indian. ( with no offence to any one )