Apr 5, 2009

FoxTab: Firefox tabs SFX

Here's another interesting Firefox extension to navigate the plethora of tabs we open up in our browsers these days. It seems to offer the best visual special effect options in executing the transition between different tabs. A combined thumbnail view also allows the user to see what is in each of the tabs. A good thing is that by default it opens up inside your browser and doesn't take over your whole screen. That is, unless you want it to.

Among the effects are
  • A Windows Vista type Flip 3D
  • Apple iTunes style Cover Flow
  • Cooliris PicLens style 3D gallery wall

A better explanation is in the video below

To get this add-on for your Firefox go here:

Hmm ... come to think about, ideally the best and most useful tab navigator is one that navigates the brower tabs and the open applications in one interface. It would require combining the browser system with the computer operating system with some stylized transitions. Let's see if anybody comes up with that one.

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