Jul 11, 2006

Shakespeare Repackaged

In the newly independent India and even some time before that, the British education pattern had been adopted and is still largely followed today. There are a lot interesting stories about how the clever Indian folk grappled with the King's English.

My dad told me this one ...

One of them is when a young schoolboy approached a book shop and spent some time searching for a book. After a while he scratched his head asked the shopkeeper "Kya aapke paas 'Maimne ki dum se hilti Naashpati' hai?". The shopkeeper quietly picked up a book handed it to the boy, and pocketed the payment. Once the boy had left, the shocked shopkeeper's assistant asked, "Which book did you give him?". "Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare", replied the shopkeeper.

For my non-Hindi speaking readers, the boy had asked (rough translation) "Do you have the book - lamb's tail shakes the pear (tree)?"

Shakespeare's work in now out of copyright and available to the general public, without any lawyer breathing down their neck! Yaaay! This now also means that anybody can now repackage Shakespeare's content in their own context and present it. Uh-Oh!

Some of the sites offering Shakespeare's work are

I wonder when Mickey Mouse comes out of copyright! ;)


Anonymous said...

Beware the ideas of a geek!!

Anonymous said...

For the ubergeeks who are likely to misinterpret my previous comment,it was modified from
"'Beware the Ides of March' "Julius Caesar", Act 1 scene 2"

I'm sure many people will be happy with the idea of celebrating and rediscovering the works of the most quoted writer in English Literature and coming out with their own version of "Shakespeare Repackaged".